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Aquaponics is a synergistic farming technology that combines plant and animal farming in one condensed space and system.

This sustainable method of water farming is generally a freshwater system such as a hydroponic greenhouse with vegetables and fish in a combined system; the plants feeding the fish, and the fish feeding the plants.

An Aquaponic system is not limited to freshwater plants and animals and can be very effective with various combinations of plants, animals, fish and seafoods.

The Aquaponic technology is both sustainable, efficient and cost effective overall.

As with Aquaculture itself, the types of Aquaponics are also nearly unlimited in their combinations.
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Eco Green Aquaponics
Portable Farms, LTD
San Diego, CA 92101 US

TYPE: Dealer, Education

Tags: Aquaponics, Permaculture, US
Developer and designer of Aquaponic systems. Supplier of prefab systems and educational materials.
Aquaponics Made Easy
North Maclean, QLD AU 4280

TYPE: Grower, Distributor, Education Materials

Tags: Aquaponics, Permaculture, AU
Murray Hallum's Practical Aquaponics. Products, seminars, and educational material throughout Australia and global.
Global Aquatics
Aberdeen, MD 21001 US

TYPE: Manufacturer, Distributor

Tags: Aquaponics, Permaculture, US
Aquaponic supplies and equipment. Specializing in water treatment products and equipment. 40 years experience with hydroponics and aquaculture systems.
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