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Hydroponics a technology of growing plants directly in a nutrient water without soil. This is a very common technology and has been used globally with much success for decades.

Various types of Hydroponics can include, direct root in water, other medium such as gravel, clay, coconut husks, mineral wool, foam, perlite, etc. The nutrient water is circulated at intervals by a small pumping system.

The benefits of Hydroponics are faster growing time, better control of nutrients and flavor, easier harvesting and re-planting, and a more condensed growing area.

Hydroponic technology is widely used commercially and also by the DIY gardener in small spaces.

(See also: aquaponics, aquaculture, micro-farming)

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Eco Green Hydroponics
Mooresville, IN 46158 US

TYPE: Wholesale, Retail

Tags: Hydroponics, Aquaculture, US
BWGS is one of the largest suppliers of Hydroponic supplies and equipment in North America with 5 regional locations, including Indiana, California, Oregon, North Carolina, and Colorado. The sell both wholesale and retail.
Canadian Wholesale Hydroponics
Elie, Manitoba, CA R0H 0H0

TYPE: Wholesale, Retail

Tags: Hydroponics, Aquaculture, CA
Serving Canada with Hydroponics supplies for 8 years. The products include nutrients, hydroponic equipment, lighting, filtration, and consultation services.
The Big Tomato
Aurora, CO 80011 US

TYPE: Grower, Distributor

Tags: Hydroponics, Aquaculture, US
An experienced distributor of Hydroponic supplies and equipment with excellent Hydroponic educational resources.
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