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Locally Grown Foods are just that, ...foods that are grown in your 'local' area, not foods that are grown across the country or across the world in another country.

It is generally considered that to earn the title of 'Locally Grown Food' the crops must be grown within a 100 mile radius from your home or place of consumption.

Locally Grown Foods can either come from your own garden or greenhouse, or from a local farmer that sells them to a local CSA your local grocer, produce stand, or farmers' market.

Local Grown Foods are important because they are fresher, usually better quality, and do not add to the pollution required to ship the food products from hundreds or thousands of miles away.

A more important benefit of Local Grown Foods is supporting local growers and keeping the money in your local community.

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Eco Green Locally Grown Foods
Local Harvest
Santa Cruz, CA 95061 US

TYPE: Association

Tags: Locally-Grown, CSA, US
Local Harvest is the best one-stop directory in the US. The website contains a listing of CSA's, growers, farmers, grocers, restaurants and local greenhouses in each area.
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