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Micro-Farming is a trend that is growing rapidly in both rural and city, commercial and DIY.

The cost of real estate and lack of usable growing space is one contributor, but the trend is also becoming more popular because people simply want 'fresh, local grown foods'.

Micro-Farming concepts teach how to gain higher yeilds in less space especially in Urban areas.

Virtually every category under the Eco-Green Agriculture heading contains some type of the Micro-Farming technology.

See current Resources listed below:
Example: prefab homes uk
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Eco Green Micro-Farming
Micro Farm Gardens
Charlotte, NC 28203 US

TYPE: Grower, Dealer

Tags: Micro-farms, Urban, Permaculture, US
The Micro Farm consultants, designers and growers of seedlings for customer gardens and projects. They also provide information on mushrooms and other organic gardening systems.
Neighborhood Garden Center
El Dorado Springs, MO 64744 US

TYPE: Grower, Distributor

Tags: Micro-farms, Urban, Permaculture, US
Micro Farm information, equipment and supplies.
The Urban Farm
Phoenix, AZ 80549 US

TYPE: Grower, Education

Tags: Micro-farms, Urban, Permaculture, US
Greg Peterson is an experienced Urban Micro-Farmer with educational materials and consultation services.
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