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Organic Gardening is much more than not using pesticides. This sustainable technology begins with healthy soil, ammendments, water conservation, safe fertilizers, nutrients and much more.

The Eco-Green trend has grown immensely but is still in it's infancy.

You don't need to be a commercial grower with certifications to grow "Organically". Your home grown foods can ustilize the Organic techniques, be delicious, beautiful and still as cost effective as growing with pesticides.
Our Eco-Green Sources can assist you with supplies and our news articles and video's can help educate and inspire you.
We hope to assist in making Organic Growing an easier, economical gardening technology.
See current Resources listed below:
Example: prefab homes uk
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Eco Green Organic Gardening
Burpee Seed Company
Warminister, PA 18974 US

TYPE: Grower, Online Retailer, Distributor

Tags: Organic, Supplies, Grower, US
Burpee seeds and organic gardening supplies since 1881.
Extremely Green Gardening Co.
Abington, MA, 02351 US

TYPE: Online Retailer

Tags: Organic, Supplies, US
LeBlanc are Crayfish growers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors and also experienced pond designers and contractors.
Superior Growers Supply
East Lansing, MI 48823 US

TYPE: Distributor, Retailer

Tags: Organic, Supplies, Consultation, US
Over 400 varieties of quality seeds, also fertilizers, soil ammentments, testing equipment and hundreds of organic and natural insect control options.
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