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Shipping Containers, New and Used-

You can find Shipping Container Dealers and
manufacturers in every region of the world.

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> Royal Wolf

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> The Container Man

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> California Portables
> Container Alliance
> Container-It
> Container Solutions
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> Équipe Container Services
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Shipping Containers, Used
Used shipping containers are in great demand globally. They are used for shipping container homes, emergency shelters, restaurants, cabins, hotels, and of course, mobile storage units.

The official term for a used shipping container is ISBU module. An ISBU module is a shipping container which is not used for shipping or transport purposes.

legitimate container dealers are are connected to International networks and many are also very qualified modifiers and refurbishers of shipping containers and ISBU modules.

It is important to buy the shipping container from a certified container dealer if possible. Buying a used shipping container from a private party can be risky but the qualified container dealer usually has the ability to transport and setup your container after you purchase it. Delivery and setup can often double the cost of buying a used or new shipping container.

Many shipping container dealers also rent or lease container for portable storage or portable office units. (see Mobile Storage category in our Directory)

There are many types of Container Dealers and most stock or have immediate access to the main sizes of ISO Containers and ISBU modules used for housing, construction, modifications and mobile storage units. The standard sizes are 20GP, 20HC, 40GP, and 40HC. Some also maintain inventories of 45', 53', and refrigerated shipping containers, also known as reefers.

Quantity Prices For Used Shipping Containers:
To obtain the best quantity prices for used shipping containers and to have direct contacts please login to the MEMBER SECTION of the ISBU Association or GreenCube Network. [ LOGIN ]

Certified Dealers: Not all Shipping Container Dealers are credible, and not all are Certified dealers by the Container Dealer's Association. Contact Dealers directly (see CDA logo next to listings below)

Example: prefab homes united kingdom
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Eco Green Used Shipping Containers

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